2015 project results

Health services provided in 2015 within our project:

  1. 205 patients treated in Neonatology, including 68 admitted to Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and 114 prematures;
  2. Only one case referred to other hospitals (significant decrease compared to the monthly average before the project implementation);
  3. 655 patients investigated in the Obstetrics-Gynaecology Clinic: all with ultrasound examination, 344 monitored, 19 colposcopies;
  4. 630 tests of antithrombin, C protein, Factor V Leyden, S protein, screening and confirmation tests for anticoagulant lupus factor;
  5. 630 homocysteine tests;
  6. 20 genetic screening tests;
  7. 500 TORC tests;
  8. 11 markers tested on average per patient using flow cytometry;
  9. 2 user training programs for the ultrasound system and the automated nucleic acid extraction system.

Completed rooms renovation;

One press conference and one kick-off meeting organised;

Web site and social media accounts on-line;

80% of equipments and cosumable materials acquired.

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