About the project

RO19.10 is a project financed through the RO19 Programme ”Public Health Initiatives” (managed by the Romanian Ministry of Health), Norway Grants 2009 – 2014, and hosted at the University Emergency Hospital Bucharest (UEHB). The total budget for this project is about 1,800,000 Euro, contributed by Norway Grants (85%) and the Romanian Government (15%).
UEHB will use funds to acquire medical and in-vitro diagnostic equipments, to purchase reagents, and to renovate some interior clinical spaces. Thus, patients with high-risk pregnancies will benefit free-of-charge of medical investigations that use modern equipments, and of modern tests (including molecular biology tests) able to detect and confirm the presence of genetic risk factors for thrombophilia.
Funds will also be used to extend and update UEHB’s Neonatology Department and Neonate Intensive Care Unit. Moreover, a component of this project consists of introducing new flow-cytometry and molecular biology tests for malignant blood diseases.

About UEHB

UEHB is one of largest teaching hospitals in Bucharest. It offers healthcare services to about 300.000 patients per year, with about 70.000 of them admitted into one of the 25 existing medical specialities. Due to its interdisciplinary nature and qualified personnel (some of the physicians have academic appointments at the ”Carol Davila” University of Medicine Bucharest) it receives an important number of referral patients and it qualifies in some areas (neonatology, obstetrics-gynaecology) as a level III health institution within the system of regionalised care. UEHB also hosts a number of research projects and clinical studies that secured funding from various national and international sources. The hospital benefited in 2011 from a research infrastructure development grant within the EU development programmes (POS-CCE).

About Norway Grants

Through the European Economic Area (EEA) Agreement, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway are partners in the internal market with the 28 EU member states. The three states share common values and responsibility with other European countries to promote equality of opportunity, tolerance, security, environmental sustainability and a decent standard of living for all. To this end, EEA and Norway Grants are channelled through 150 programmes in 16 EU beneficiary countries.
For more details about SEE and Norway Grants, please visit www.norvegia.rowww.eeagrants.org, or www.initiativeinsanatate.ms.ro.

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